Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Falling Leaves - Dance!

 "Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day.” — Shira Tamir
 Autumn has come to the garden.
 The chrysanthemums and pumpkins are showing up everywhere.
 Dahlias are blooming.
Take time to notice what you notice
and see Autumn all around you.
Dance in the falling leaves.
Happy Autumn Days!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Turmeric Tea, Feeling Groooovy!

 This comic just made me smile, especially since I was sharing 
turmeric tea with you today.  I hope it makes you smile.

When I recently attended the NW Tea Festival I noticed that several
vendors were selling turmeric tea.  Now I had never had any, but
had heard that it was good for so many things like:
Anti-inflammatory, Anti-depressant, Anti-coagulant,
Reduces arthritis pain, Helps gastrointestinal problems,
Inflammatory bowel disease, and lowers cholesterol.
With all those good things I tasted several and most I didn't like.
Chado Tea company had one that I thought was worth
bringing home.   It is called Tumeric Zest and zesty it is.
It is a combination of hibiscus, rooibos, turmeric, orange flavoring
and quite delightful.
Do you like turmeric?
Take turmeric pills?
If so, I can recommend this tea for an added touch to your day.

Funny, but I don't usually recommend herbal teas (tisanes)
as I drink tea with caffeine.  
Just thought I would share something different.
It's pretty in the cup too.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Walk with Me - Round Lake, Washington

Saturday I went walking with a goal in mind.
I was walking with my friend, a photographer,
and her family; but the goal was to take pictures
of my D, grandson, for his parents for Christmas.
We had so much fun!
D was the best model ever.
He had fun!
And he and the photographers oldest daughter so enjoyed
seeing each other, holding hands, and just running and playing.

While D was getting his picture taken,
I was just enjoying the sights as we hiked.

Here we were stopped to listen to what we could hear.
And then D and C had to listen to each others heart.
It was so sweet.

What a fun way to do a photo shoot and a hike with friends.
The weather was perfect.
The sun was shining through the trees.
And the waters danced down the rocks
and splashed with each rock D tossed into the lake.
Are you walking, dear friends?
These posts keep me walking, but then I love to walk too.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Did your mother ever tell you not to "Sass"?
Mine did!
Or did someone tell you, you look sassy today?
Two different meanings,
but so much feelings in either word.

It's kind of a funny word,
not one I often use.
I imagine it is me as a young girl
full of confidence
standing strong with legs somewhat apart
a stance that says, I dare you!
That gleam in my eyes that says
I will do damn well do what I want to do.
Ok, that is my alter-ego, Myrtle, speaking there.
But you know that look.
Then later as we grow older
stepping from the beauticians chair
with a flip of the head
and a glimpse in the mirror
we say, look at me now, I'm all grown up.
I have mountains to climb and places to go.
What happens to that sassy girl as we grow older?
Do we lose her along the way?
Or should we embrace her with every step?

Something to think on, dear friends.
Have a "sassy" great weekend!
Joey just peeking out on the rainy day in Portland to send a hello!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

International Adventure in Tea

 Just yesterday I stopped by the Jasmine Pearl teashop
because I had heard Nobuyuki Konishi of Shizuka Farm
in Japan was pouring tea.  We are friends on Facebook.
I stepped up to the tea bar for a cup of tea
and he turned to me and asked about my garden.
I was astounded that he recognized me!
He definitely notices.
 How fun to sip tea with a tea farmer from Japan.
I often drink his Yuzu Black tea and always keep it in my stash.
I wanted to taste more of the teas he grows.
We sipped a green tea, which was very unique;
but since I am not a green tea fan he served a black tea.
You can see the difference above in the two cups.
The black tea is called Miyama Black, a second flush.
large, full leaf tea.
He compared his black tea to a flowery Darjeeling
and yes, I could see that.
But this morning as I sip I would say it reminds
me of the high mountain black tea I drink from Taiwan,
quite a favorite of mine.
Would I buy this tea, DEFINITELY!  It is delicious, rich, a
bowl of exotic flowers!
Now there is more to the story.
Also sipping tea at the tea bar was Jordana from Brazil.
How fun to make new friends over cups of tea.
Jordana is in Portland on a one month internship
all about gardening and has a garden business in Brazil.
Now she wants to come and see my garden.
Both Jordana and I loved the black tea.

This was definitely an international adventure in tea.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Just the other day I stopped for tea at Lan Su Chinese Gardens.
As I was walking through the gardens snapping pictures
this first picture just jumped out and grabbed my heart.
With a big intake of breathe the word jumped out, Passages.
It just felt like life and if I stepped through this hole in the wall
I would be in another dimension.
The way isn't always straight and sort of tricky to take the next step.
I took a peek, but didn't step inside.
I turned.
I followed the JOY of another direction,
through another passage that seemed more straight forward and open.
I wondered later, should I have taken the road less known?
What would I have found there?
I followed the straight road
and it brought me here.
We begin life by traveling through a passage
and end life walking through another passage.
Inbetween there are many passages as we grow and learn,
opening ourselves up to become who we are.
Sometimes do you wonder, did I take the right passage?
Did I make the right choices along the way? 
Do you notice what you notice and have your breathe
just catch in your chest with a big intake and a tear,
does it say surprise, think on this?
That was what this time in the garden did for me
just the other day.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Walk with Me - Under the Moon

 On the evening of the full moon just last week
I escaped to the Columbia River for a walk.
The sunset touched my heart.
The moon rose from the horizon and I jumped for JOY.

How I love walking along the river on a full moon evening.

A New Dream (Wuski A-Baw-Tan)

I have seen the rain speak
and the wind dance

I have seen the lightening knife
cut the sky

I have seen the hills
at the first light of day
whispering secrets
to the Southwind People's ear

I am happy now
I am no longer thirsty
I dance a warrior dance
I am not sick, I am free!

This night I dream a new dream!
Now, I come to drink the stars!
~Jennifer Pierce Eyen

This poem was found when I visited the southwest earlier this year.
I love the concept of drinking the stars.
I dream of walking under a night sky in the desert one day
and drinking the stars and the moon while sand sifts
through my toes.