Friday, December 15, 2017

It's Beginning to Look like Christmas

“Winter came down to our home one night
Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow,
And we, we we’re children once again.”
~Bill Morgan, Jr.
A child at heart, the vintage tricycle sits high on top of
a cupboard in my living room.
This dark Santa is a vintage mold for paper Santa's long ago.
The little village is residing on the mantel
with twinkle, shiny stuff hanging above.
How I love shiny stuff at Christmas.
A few bottle brush trees sit in the village.
I do love them so.  I think I need to add more trees to the village.
Two vintage flower pots hold little lemon cyprus trees,
which will go outside in the Spring.
The live tree sits on the table now
enjoying the birds and the view through the window.
The sled holds packages for dear ones.

Santas have been collected for many years sit above the books.
As the daylight dims the twinkles and shiny lights delight my heart.
I will be back to blog next week,
but just wanted to share of bit of Christmas joy.
Merry Christmas to one and all!
Happy weekend, dear friends.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Touch of Warmth

A touch of warmth
"We brewed black tea in an old tin kettle over the fire
and settled there, letting our gaze fall on the lake as we sipped,
the steam from our drinks freezing into puffs of icy mist."

From the book, The Return of the Witch by Paula Brackston

I can imagine this scene.
Sublime, yes!
Cold, definitely!
But something draws me in
with my hands wrapped around warm cups of tea
and a view that most undoubtedly was beautiful.
Can you picture sitting by a bonfire on a cold night
sipping tea and warming your hands around a cup?
I really wanted to do it, but just didn't make it happen.
I am hoping soon to do it and will share when that happens.
Instead I am sitting this morning with my tea,
sipping and enjoying the Christmas decorations in my dining room.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Meaning of Christmas

Each year at Christmas I enjoy searching out a book that centers
around the season.
This year I recently finished reading 
An Irish Country Christmas by Patrick Taylor.
The Christmas pageant by the children of the village just made me smile.
Young Colin was not happy that he didn't get the role of Joseph,
but instead was given the role of the innkeeper.
Mary and Joseph went to the inn to ask for a room for the night.
Yes, you know the story, I am sure.
Joseph asked, "Could we have a bed for the night? My wife's
having a baby, and she's very tired."
"Colin's voice was soft, welcoming. "Well, Mary"-he emphasized
the word "Mary"-"I've no room at the inn, but of course you are
welcome to go into the stable."
"Of course you can, Mary." Colin said. Then he turned to Joseph and
yelled, "But as far as I'm concerned, Joseph, you dirty wee
gurrier, you miserable little gobshite, you can just feck off."

Can you just image the local Christmas pageant going awry!
Maybe a bit sacrilegious, but so typical at times when
you are hoping for the best.

My grandson was given the role of the donkey two years ago. 
He refused to get up in front with the other kids
because he didn't want to be the donkey.

But in this time of celebration, let's remember
why we are celebrating.
Children are a big part of our celebration
no matter what, they can bring a smile to our face.

Merry Christmas, dear friends!
I pray your time of celebrating
with family and friends is extra special
and full of memories to come.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Walk with Me - Down Memory Lane

This is an old picture I took a few years ago, but I thought
it fit this walk.
It is a different kind of walking.
A walk down memory lane.
Last week my "live-in gardener" and I met old friends for lunch.
What I mean by "old friends" is the long history we have
with this couple.
I slightly knew the husband in high school;
so I was surprised when I ran into him the first week of college
several hundred miles from our homes.
Gradually a friendship was developed between he and his future wife.
I roomed with her one summer during our college years.
The next summer there were two weddings,
one was mine and the next week was theirs,
where I was a bridesmaid.
As years have gone along, we each had two children
born in the same years.
Sometimes we have lived close together and
most often not;
but the friendship has continued through ups and downs.
Shared family stories, shared sorrows, shared laughter.
These friendships are to be treasured and dear.
So for this week it is a walk down a memory lane
with treasured friends.

I highly recommend occasional walks down memory lanes.
Christmas time is the best time of all to do this.
Take care, dear friends, and treasure these moments.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Spinning - Colors of Love

 When I first moved to Oregon in 1975 I needed to find
a place for my creative spirit to soar.
This little historic school house in Damascus, Oregon
pulled at my heart strings.
I would pick up my spinning wheel once a week and
venture out to the country to sit by the wood stove on
a large round braided rug to spin the day away.
I loved it out there, but then life takes different twists
and turns; soon my children were old enough for me
to return to school and find a career.
 The spinning wheel became a decorative piece in the living room.
It sat idle for 40 years while I raised my two children,
got a degree in apparel design, and worked.
 Now with retirement and other life goals accomplished
I am returning to that creative spirit.
This spinning wheel was made just for me by a metal patternmaker
in Kansas many years ago.
It was made from aged cherry wood and I love it.
Though I just spun with no plan for the yarn, I just love the colors
all gathered together in this yarn.
I find my spinning wheel needs some tender loving care and repair,
but I can't believe I am spinning again.
Do you have something you had to give up
and your hearts desire is to resume?
Notice what you notice in your hearts desires.

Happy weekend, dear friends!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Shining Tinsel

"Like strands of shining tinsel,
Hope will ever weave
Through his sorrow, who remembers
Candles Christmas Eve.
 His tongue will not grow bitter
Who learns in youth the glory
Of the old sweet Christmas carols
And the manger story.
 Nor love and faith quite vanish
For one with memories
Of dreams come true on laden,
Star-tipped Christmas trees.
 So fill the house with fragrance
Of cedar boughs, with laughter-
These are gifts a child heart
Will keep forever after."
Poem from Kitchen Sonnets by Ethel Romig Fuller
It is that time of year where tinsel, songs, and boughs of evergreen
make an appearance.
Have you hung your sparkles?
Do you have a song in your heart?
Put on your party dress, dance, sing, and savor each moment.

Photos taken at Bella Flora, my favorite go to shop when 
I need my spirits to soar. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sit Awhile

There is something that draws me in when I see a chair.
It is a place of comfort, a place to rest for awhile.
If I could I would have a house full of chairs
to comfort you and draw you in.
To sit awhile with a hand holding a warm cup of tea
or maybe a good book.
You would be wrapped in a cozy quilt
to keep the warmth at bay.
Can you imagine sitting in this chair.
Tuck away for moments of quiet.
Soft music playing in the background.
Imagine with me what a chair can do,
then find one nearby and sit awhile.

Chairs found at the Monticello Antique Mall,
but you can find chairs just about anywhere.
Happy searching out chair day!